Isononyl chloride main application

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Isononanoyl chloride (Isononanoyl chloride) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C9H17ClO. its properties are as follows:

Appearance: colorless liquid

Solubility: can be dissolved in common organic solvents, such as alcohol, ether, hydrocarbon, etc.

Melting point: -6℃

Boiling point: 199-200°C

Density: 0.905 g/cm³

Isononyl chloride has the following uses in industry:

1. as an intermediate of organic synthetic chemicals, used in the synthesis of organic compounds, such as esters, chloroyl chloride derivatives and so on.

2. used as binder and modifier in ink or coating.

3. used for the synthesis of surfactants and functional polymers.

The method of isononyl chloride:

Usually, the preparation of isononyl chloride can be obtained by the reaction of isononanoic acid and sulfoxide chloride. The specific steps are as follows:

1. take a certain amount of isononanoic acid and sulfoxide chloride, add them to the reaction vessel, and heat them to the appropriate temperature.

2. while the reaction is in progress, the reactants are fully mixed and reacted by stirring.

3. at the end of the reaction, the reactants are cooled and a suitable solvent, such as ether, is added.

4. The precipitate is filtered to give a pure isononyl chloride product.

Safety information for isononyl chloride:

1. isononyl chloride is irritating. In case of contact with skin and eyes, flush with water and seek medical help. 2.

2. During handling, observe protective measures including gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing.

3. Avoid contact with strong oxidizing agents and strong acids to avoid dangerous reactions.

4. storage should be sealed, protected from light, well ventilated, and stored in a dry, clean place.