Jiangsu introduced a plan for the construction of hazardous waste centralized disposal facilities

Jiangsu introduced a plan for the construction of hazardous waste centralized disposal facilities

Jiangsu introduced a plan for the construction of hazardous waste centralized disposal facilities

Recently, the General Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Government issued the “Jiangsu Province Hazardous Waste Centralized Disposal Facilities Construction Plan”, which clarified that by 2020, the centralized disposal capacity of industrial hazardous waste will increase by 850,000 tons compared with 2017, and the annual total disposal capacity will reach 1.8 million tons.

It is reported that for a long time, Jiangsu Province has a large industrial economy and a heavy industrial structure. The amount of hazardous waste generated has been at a high level and maintained a sustained growth momentum. The construction of hazardous waste disposal facilities in some areas is not in place and the operation is not standardized, and the existing disposal capacity is difficult to meet. Actual disposal needs.

The main objective of the “Program” is that by 2020, the hazardous waste disposal capacity of each district, city and key areas in the province will be basically matched with the type and quantity of production, the layout of disposal facilities will be reasonable, and the problem of insufficient disposal capacity will be effectively alleviated. All of them are included in centralized disposal, and the province has basically established a relatively complete hazardous waste disposal system. Among them, the centralized disposal capacity of industrial hazardous waste is 850,000 tons more than that in 2017, and the total annual disposal capacity is over 1.8 million tons.

The "Proposal" clarifies that counties (cities, districts) and industrial parks (high-tech zones, chemical parks, industrial concentration zones, etc.) with an annual production of hazardous wastes with incineration disposal of more than 5,000 tons should be equipped with centralized incineration facilities to achieve near Safe disposal; hazardous waste landfills should be built and used in a unified manner within the district and city. Enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 tons of hazardous waste must build and use their own disposal facilities. Areas that have not been completed or put into operation on schedule, or whose disposal capacity is seriously insufficient, shall be solved by the district or city. Otherwise, industrial projects that produce hazardous wastes will be prohibited.

The "Proposal" proposes that the standardization of hazardous waste utilization and disposal standards should be strictly implemented. The total design and treatment capacity of new (reformed and expanded) incineration facilities should not be less than 10,000 tons/year. Encourage the diversification of disposal technologies and prioritize the adaptation to waste types. Strong rotary kiln incinerator or other incineration facilities with more mature technology, high automation level and more stable operation.

According to the “Program”, Jiangsu Province has implemented three major projects: centralized incineration capacity improvement project, safe landfill capacity optimization project, and prominent category utilization and disposal project. Focus on promoting the implementation of 58 engineering projects, with an estimated investment of 9.8 billion yuan. Among them, there are 37 centralized incineration capacity improvement projects with a total capacity of 969,000 tons/year; 14 safe landfill capacity optimization projects with a total capacity of 320,000 tons/year; A total of 322,000 tons/year can be added.

According to the importance and feasibility of the implementation of the project, it is divided into two categories: implementation class and preparatory class. Among them, there are 41 implementation projects, and it is estimated that the newly-increased centralized incineration capacity will be 600,000 tons/year, the safe landfill capacity will be 145,000 tons/year, the outstanding category of hazardous waste utilization capacity will be 322,000 tons/year, and the preparatory projects will total 17 It is estimated that the newly added hazardous wastes will have a centralized incineration capacity of 369,000 tons/year and a safe landfill capacity of 175,000 tons/year.

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