Fine chemical park air pollution control project started

Fine chemical park air pollution control project started

Fine chemical park air pollution control project started

From November 21st to 22nd, the key national special research and development plan “Study on Causes and Control Technology of Air Pollution”, led by Professor Chen Jianmeng of Zhejiang University of Technology, started and implemented the demonstration project of air pollution full process control and technology integration in fine chemical parks. The program argumentation meeting will be held in Hangzhou.

The whole process control and technology integration demonstration project of air pollution in the Fine Chemical Industry Park is led by Zhejiang University of Technology, and is jointly controlled by Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University of Technology, Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the People's Liberation Army. The research institute, Hangzhou Bay Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. and other related units will jointly undertake. The total project funding is 89.03 million yuan, of which the central government funds 29.90 million yuan and the implementation period is 3 years.

The project is aimed at the major scientific and technological needs of the whole process of air pollution control in China's chemical industry parks. It focuses on the problems of difficult tracking and traceability, high cost of treatment and low efficiency of control and control in air pollution control in fine chemical parks, focusing on high-precision gridded stereo monitoring and high resolution. Key technologies such as dynamic emission inventory, small-scale early warning and forecasting, rapid and precise traceability, efficient pollution control, and intelligent decision-making systems are aimed at establishing a technical system with independent intellectual property rights that integrates monitoring, traceability, early warning, emission reduction, and prevention and control. Formulate pollution control and risk prevention and control technical specifications, provide scientific and technological support for the prevention and control of air pollution in the park, significantly improve air quality, and have important strategic significance for winning the "blue sky defense war".

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