Jiangsu Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau conducts safety diagnosis and treatment actions for three types of chemical enterpr

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This special action is in line with the "Determination of Hidden Dangers of Major Production Safety Accidents in Chemical and Hazardous Chemicals Production and Operation Units (Trial)", to diagnose the hidden dangers of major production safety accidents in corporate governance, and to solve the outstanding problems in the design of safety facilities for in-service production facilities and storage facilities. To manage the in-service production equipment, the storage facility automation control system, and the outstanding problems in the safety instrumented system (SIS), list the hidden dangers, and formulate the rectification plan.

For those who have major hidden dangers after diagnosis, the enterprise does not strictly follow the requirements of hidden danger management plan, treatment period, governance funds, governance owners, emergency plans and measures “five implementations”, and complete the work of hidden dangers within a time limit; If the safety cannot be guaranteed during the elimination process, the production will be suspended. be suspended.