Focus on high quality, seek new leap

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——Written on the eve of the 2008 Oil and Chemical Industry Leadership Summit

Standing in the historical node of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the petrochemical industry needs to seriously consider two issues: first, how to look at the achievements of 40 years of industry reform and opening up; second, how should the industry develop in the future with high quality.

In the 40 years of reform and opening up, China's oil and chemical industry achievements have attracted worldwide attention. In 2017, the revenue and total profit of the main business of the whole industry reached 182 times and 50 times respectively in 1978. It can be said that we have completed the development of more than 100 years in the developed countries of the West in 40 years and established the most complete and richest industrial system in the world.

Nowadays, China's petroleum and chemical industry has completed the accumulation from small to large, and the construction of a world petrochemical power has become the focus of the whole industry. To achieve a leap to the oil and chemical industry, the whole industry must unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development and carry out reform and opening up.

The so-called high-quality development is the development that can meet the people's growing needs for a better life. It is the development that reflects the new development concept. It is the road to innovation becoming the first driving force, coordination becoming the endogenous feature, green becoming the universal form, and opening up. The development of sharing as a fundamental purpose. It fundamentally shifts from quantity-oriented to quality-oriented.

It should be noted that although the changes in China's petroleum and chemical industry face many challenges, there are also many favorable conditions. From the national level, positive and stable economic development is constantly exerting momentum: after the recent turmoil in the capital market, the “one line and two sessions” and even the vice-premier Liu He, who is in charge of economic and financial affairs, rushed out to speak; General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a private enterprise discussion. The meeting emphasized that “the two are unwavering and the three have not changed”, and the majority of private enterprises have eaten “reassuring pills”; the State Administration of Taxation said that it will gradually introduce more measures such as tax reduction and fee reduction.

From the perspective of the international situation and development trends, peaceful development and win-win cooperation have always been the torrent of the times. The “Belt and Road Initiative” has a strong vitality and bright prospects, providing an excellent opportunity for the internationalization of the Chinese petrochemical industry. The intensification of international trade frictions such as China and the United States has strengthened the determination and motivation of the industry to accelerate independent technological innovation and enhance the level of openness and openness.

From the perspective of the industry cycle, since 2017, benefiting from the supply-side structural reforms, the domestic chemical market has ushered in a golden period that has not been seen for many years. And this cycle will continue in the next few years.

Therefore, the industry should strengthen its confidence and accelerate its entry into a new stage of high-quality development. How should the road of high quality development go? We believe that we should grasp the five principles.

First, innovation is the first driving force for high quality development. Compared with the developed countries and regions of the petrochemical industry in Europe, the United States and Japan, the high-end research and development capabilities of China's petroleum and chemical industry in the product chain are still weak. The level of informationization and intelligent production needs to be improved, focusing on the next 30 years or even 50. The technical reserves of the year are particularly inadequate. How to motivate talent potential, build a cooperation platform, and cultivate more independent research and development leaders and unicorn enterprises, relying on scientific and technological research and development to fully release new kinetic energy and new vitality, is an issue that the industry should pay attention to in the coming period.

Second, coordination should be an endogenous feature of high quality development. At present, the repeated industrial layout, the uncoordinated development of the industrial chain, and the mismatch between upstream and downstream supply and demand have existed in many sub-sectors at different levels, and have become a prominent factor restricting the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the structural reform of the supply side, fill in the shortcomings of the industrial chain, speed up the elimination of backward overcapacity, close to and adapt to market demand, focus on high-end and differentiated, and get out of the low-end vortex.

Third, green is a common form of high quality development. The current petrochemical industry is experiencing an unprecedented environmental protection baptism, and safety management is becoming more and more strict. Safety is the primary productive force. Green Mountain is the Jinshan Yinshan. Whether or not these concepts can be truly implemented is the touchstone for testing the high-quality development of the industry and enterprises.

Fourth, openness is the only way to achieve high quality development. As the country's opening up to the outside world continues to increase, the pace of integration of the petrochemical industry into the world is also growing faster. We must not only absorb the essence of the world in production, technology, management, market, talents, etc., but also take advantage of the "Belt and Road" construction opportunities, actively go out and seek greater action on the international stage.

Fifth, high-quality development must be based on sharing. The fundamental purpose of the development of the petroleum and chemical industries is to create a more comfortable life for human beings. Entering a new era and meeting the growing needs of the people for a better life is the ultimate goal of high-quality development of the industry.

At the meeting, industry experts and entrepreneurs will jointly discuss the high-quality development path of the industry in the new era. We believe that through solidarity, innovation and innovation in the whole industry, we will accelerate to the world's oil and chemical industry powerhouses along the fast track of high-quality development.