Piroctone olamine( or PO for short)
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Piroctone olamine( or PO for short)

P.O. is easily soluble in ethanol and slightly soluble in water, which is safe, nontoxic and non-irritating. Up to now, it is the only anti-dandruff and antipruritic agent that can be used in disposable hair products. P.O. has broad-spectrum killing effect on fungi and mold, with excellent therapeutic effect on tinea of feet and hands.
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Product characteristics:

1. The effect of removing dandruff and relieving itching is better than that of similar products.

2. It has excellent solubility and compounding performance, and will not precipitate and delaminate when mixed with raw materials of cosmetics. 1.3 with unique anti-dandruff mechanism, low irritation, no hair loss and broken hair, and good safety performance, it is the only anti-dandruff and antipruritic agent that can be used in disposable hair products, such as hair cream, hair gel, mousse and hair dye, etc.

4. It has sterilization and deodorization function, and can be used in bath liquid and deodorant products.

5. It has broad-spectrum killing effect on fungi and mold, and has good therapeutic effect on tinea pedis and hands.

6. It can replace preservatives in cosmetics, meeting the increasing demands of people for cosmetics with "high efficiency, low irritation and no preservatives".

7. It has obvious thickening effect. After using pyridone ethanolamine, it is possible to add no thickener or a little thickener in shampoo, which not only simplifies the production process, increaseing the stability of the product, but also appropriately reduces the production cost.

Product application:

It is used in shampoo, hair care, bath lotion, cosmetics, skin care products and washing products.

Washing-free products: 0.05%~0.01%.

Water-washed products: 0.3%~0.4%.

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